Estonia to acquire 122 mm howitzers from Finland
Tuesday, Mar 03, 2009

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Estonia today entered into a contract with Finland to acquire forty-two 122 mm 122H63 howitzers from Finland.

The total value of the procurement is €2 million (31.3 million Estonian kroons) and the procurement contract includes the acquisition of ammunition, equipment and training. Payment will take place under a schedule favourable for Estonia, mostly during 2010.

The first 12 new howitzers have already arrived in Estonia and will be displayed at a parade in Narva on Tuesday to mark the 91st anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

The 122mm will replace the 105 mm howitzers, which were received some time ago from Finland within the framework of assistance. The new howitzers will be used for the peace-time training of artillerymen and to arm two war-time artillery battalions. The acquired howitzers were not used on a daily basis in the Finnish army but were recorded as war-time reserve and, therefore, are virtually brand new.


Source: Defense Professionals

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