SANS joins forces with the US Army to train our nation's Cyber soldiers
Wednesday, Aug 08, 2018
SANS Institute, the global leader in cyber security training, today announced its collaboration with the U.S. Army Cyber Protection Brigade (CPB) to validate that brigade Soldiers are combat ready. SANS Cyber Situational Training Exercise (Cyber STX) will take place at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center (MUTC) August 20-24 in Butlerville, Ind. SANS Cyber STX is a live, scenario-based, red on blue team event for both team validation and sustainment training for members of the U.S. Military. The actual training environment -- a real city -- includes a physical infrastructure, a well-integrated cyber physical environment, an electromagnetic effects system and human elements.

SANS Cyber STX missions challenge red and blue teams with real-world scenario cyber attacks. Reconnaissance missions show the kinetic and operational impact of cyber effects on real-world environments. Members of the CPB (the blue team) will have the opportunity to demonstrate their technical aptitude as individuals and team members during this one-of-a kind deep water port mission. Blue team members will be exposed to multiple threat actor skill levels, and must detect and counter a variety of dynamic threat environments. The goal of this mission is for members to evaluate a cyber/kinetic scenario facing a deep water port to help refine future scenarios.

"Cybertropolis [SANS Cyber STX] provided our team the most realistic training environment we have encountered.  We hope other CPTs get to experience this," said Maj. Joe Marty.

Muscatatuck Urban Training Center is the Department of Defense's largest urban training facility serving those who work to defend the U.S. homeland and maintain peace. Muscatatuck offers users the most realistic, flexible and affordable approach for testing and training.

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